Virtual Extrusion Laboratory - 3D FEM Module

The  COMPUPLAST®  VEL™, 3D FEM module™  is used for the precise analysis and design of 3D flow channels of arbitrary shape. Based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) of mathematical analysis, the program can provide very detailed information about a flow field. 

This module has been used to study the complex flow patterns that occur in a variety of extrusion components including extrusion screw mixing sections, profile dies, flat dies and spiral dies

The user-friendly, intuitive pre and post processors coupled with our new fast, efficient, solver allows you to analyze the most demanding geometry on a standard PC.

The 3D FEM module has been developed with the extrusion process engineer in mind. The many features of the 3D FEM module allow the user to perform a detailed study of a complex flow field relatively quickly and efficiently. 

Equipment manufacturers and advanced processors use this module for developing and analyzing new extrusion screw and die designs. 

This module has also been used to investigate and explain certain flow phenomena such as layer encapsulation in flat die coextrusion systems. 

The advanced particle tracking feature can be used to determine the initial layer distribution of a coextrusion structure so that the correct final distribution is achieved. 

This, for example, can help reduce the amount of virgin skin material that may be required in a coextruded profile.

The Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™, 3D FEM Module Major Features Summary:

  • Intuitive graphics interface
  • advanced particle tracking
  • flow animation
  • fast and efficient solver
  • precise results
  • image/results saving capability
  • output to AVI video format
  • Powerful post processing
  • HTML report