Virtual Extrusion Laboratory - Profile Digitizer


The COMPUPLAST® VEL™, Profile Digitizer  is new quite powerful tool for digitizing images of extruded profiles.

COMPUPLAST® Profile Digitizer  is used for:

  • Trial & error recording and evaluating
  • Customer - designer communication tool at line startup
  • Scannig and digitizing of existing shapes (eg. desired existing profile shape from customer
  • Many other cases which requires digitizing of existing shape

The COMPUPLAST® Profile Digitizer is applicable to various profile shapes, pipes, cables etc. 

The COMPUPLAST® Profile Digitizer can be replacement of measuring by caliper (which is relatively inexact and does not provide complete shape information in digital data format), or scanning the profile (problems with the light diffraction). 

The COMPUPLAST® Profile Digitizer can replace commercially available expencive devices by a combination of a smart mobile camera and computer software. 

The program works with Boards. The calibration board is used to calibrate the camera. (see picture above)

Based on these shots the computer calibrates particular camera once forever. That means that user is able from now on calculate transformation necessary to correct lens and view corrections. That includes corrections of perspective, wide angle correction, profile height correction etc. 

The Profile extruded is digitized using a photo of the profile made on Correction board.. 

The calibrated camera creates the transformation matrix.

When the height is specified, the Profile digitizer can apply the matrix and find correct cross sectional shape of the profile.

Afterwards, the dimensions can be measured.

They can also be directly compared to imported DXF.

The outline can be set and send to VEL™ Profile Die for area evaluation and furthure calculations.