COMPUPLAST® seminars have been developed to help train extrusion process personnel and equipment designers on the application of polymer rheology to process understanding, design and improvement.

The availability of powerful CAE tools for extrusion is rapidly changing extrusion equipment design from what once was an intuitive craft into a science. Upon completing our course, the attendees will have a good understanding of practical rheology and what can (and cannot) be applied to the quantitative study of an extrusion process.

The physical interpretation of quantifiable process characteristics is a major overall theme during our seminars, which are presented from an industrial point of view


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  • "This course was so useful for my job. These are the types of courses we need more of. This was money well spent."
  • "I believe this was the most interesting, well organized, and valuable internal course I've had the pleasure of attending. Thanks"
  • "Excellent instructor. Well-organized course."
  • "Very well organized, very practical. Better than the previous Rheology course I took!"
  • "One of the best courses I have attended in years. Application of Rheology was very practical in this course."
  • "I really enjoyed this course. It was very relevant and provided a lot of useful information and insight. The speakers were excellent!"
  • "Very good! I learned a lot about "real world" applications of rheology for PE."
  • "Found course very useful, liked that it was very application related (I.e. extruder, dies, screw) and that there were many real world (practical) examples given. Presentation slides were excellent. Windowed extruder slides very useful."
  • "Very informative course, probably the most in depth course directly related to the extrusion process and the tooling related to that process. I would highly recommend this course to any technical staff working in the extrusion field, and am recommending this to our colleagues from other facilities." 
  • "This was a great course. I learned a lot that I can directly use for my job." 
  • "Outstanding presentation gentlemen. I am completely satisfied." 
  • "I was truly amazed with the way the instructors led the course from the start of the process through to the material coming out of the die and how well they tied all of the elements together to allow the students to fully grasp all of the conditions that affect the outcome of a process. This approach removed a lot of the mystery surrounding the extrusion process and allowed me to focus more on the contributing factors at play. The element of die design was very thorough, and I will now use the term "Die Design" with the respect it deserves. Excellent course."
  • "Fantastic presentation gentlemen, I've been in the industry (in Research & Development) for 25 years, and I took your course 20 years ago. The material is up to date, practical, and in many instances immediately useful to addressing production issues; whether material or equipment based." 
  • "I thought the theoretical introduction was very good at setting everything up to understand the simulations."