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The problems we have solved... 

  • Are you wasting time, material, and money developing screws or dies with inefficient “trial-and-error” methods?
  • Are your customers unhappy because of late delivery?
  • Is your process unstable or extremely sensitive to changes in materials or processing conditions?
  • Do you frequently require stopping production to disassemble and clean your equipment?
  • Is your production rate lower than what it could be?

Stop Guessing...

                     Start Simulating!


You can reduce these problems with our simulation software and scientific approach for designing your screws, dies, parts, and tools. We can teach you how to design your equipment and/or develop your process more efficiently.


We can help you with...

  • Screw design for extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding.
  • Flat die design for sheet extrusion and extrusion coating.
  • Spiral die design for tubular film, pipe extrusion, and blow molding heads.
  • Flat Spiral die design for coextruded blown films.
  • Side Fed Die/Cross-Head Die design for pipes, cables or blow molding extrusion.
  • Profile die design for plastics and rubbers.
  • Process optimization and troubleshooting for extrusion and coextrusion




For 30 years, COMPUPLAST® has been helping companies, worldwide to:


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                     Start Simulating!



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