Virtual Extrusion Laboratory - Cooling Module

The  COMPUPLAST®  VEL™, Cooling module™ is used for the analysis and design of cooling sections of arbitrary shape. Based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) of mathematical analysis, the program can provide very detailed information on how the profile cools. Specifically developed to complement the popular Profile Die module, the designer or process engineer can use these powerful tools to reduce product development times and maximize production rates

The user friendly, intuitive, interface allows you to create, test and optimize many cooling scenarios quickly and efficiently. The new, 3D post processor, with animation capability, greatly enhances the user's ability to visualize and interpret the results.

The VEL™, Cooling module has been developed with the extrusion process engineer in mind. From simple square or round rod profiles to complex window profiles, this module is being used by profile extrusion companies, world wide, to design and/or optimize calibrators, size cooling tanks and determine cooling times of complex profiles. Among the features is the ability to provide temperature distribution data at any cross section in the cooling process. From a process standpoint, this module can be used to determine the maximum extrusion speed for a given cooling system. Finished part distortion, due to uneven cooling, can also be estimated using this module. Combine this with our popular Profile Die module and you have the tools to take on the most challenging projects.

The VEL™, Cooling module Features Summary:

  • Intuitive graphical design interface
  • Flexible boundary conditions
  • Includes cross-linking optimization
  • Microwave and industion heating simulation
  • All standard cooling conditions included
  • Internal air effect considered
  • Applicable for coextruded products including metal reinforcements
  • Temperature distribution data at any cross section in the cooling process
  • Remaining shrinkage calculation 
  • 3D results visualization
  • Output to AVI video format
  • Fast efficient solution technique
  • Profile Die module compatibility
  • Applicable for:
    • Cable extrusion or coextrusion
    • Profile extrusion or coextrusion
    • Pipe and tubes extrusion or coextrusion