Virtual Extrusion Laboratory - Side Fed Die Module

The COMPUPLAST® VEL™, Side Fed Die module™  is used for the analysis and design of all types of side fed dies or cross-head dies that are typically used in pipe and cable coating or blow molding industry

Using either a Control Volume Method (CVM) of mathematical analysis, or a fully 3D Finite Element Method (FEM), this module can provide the user with an accurate prediction of the expected die performance. 

The user-friendly, intuitive interface and CVM solution technique allows the user to optimize designs quickly and easily.

The VEL™, Side Fed Die module has been developed with the extrusion process engineer in mind. 

Many world class extrusion die manufacturers use the VEL™ Side Fed Die module as a part of their daily design procedures

Many processors and technical service personnel use this module to study and analyze the effect of resin changes on their process.

The VEL™, Flat Spiral Die module Features Summary:

  • Intuitive user-friendly graphical interface
  • Fast and easy parametric geometry definition
  • Material degradation elimination
  • Optical defects elimination
  • Optical defects elimination
  • Residence time analysis
  • Special automatic design optimization
  • Fast, efficient solvers
  • Includes fast CV solvers and also full 3D FEM solver
  • Custom report configuration
  • HTML report
  • Ability to export the results into Excel file
  • Powerful post processing