Virtual Extrusion Laboratory - Profile Die Module

The COMPUPLAST® VEL™, Profile Die module™ is used for the precise analysis and design of profile cross-sections of arbitrary shape. Based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) of mathematical analysis, the program can provide very detailed information about the flow through the profile shape. The pressure drop, velocity distribution and shear stress distribution are just some of the flow characteristics that can be evaluated. More importantly, the designer or process engineer can use this module along with the COMPUPLAST® profile die design procedure to reduce product development time by 50% or more. The user friendly, intuitive, interface allows you to create, test and optimize many designs quickly and efficiently.

The VEL™ , Profile Die module has been developed with the extrusion process engineer in mind. From simple square or round rod profiles to complex window profiles, this module is being used by profile extrusion companies, world wide, to make new designs or optimize existing ones. 

Profile Die module has the Auto Meshing feature and by this has significantly reduced the time it takes to simulate the flow in profile die cross section and COMPUPLAST® Auto Flow Balance automatically adjusts the geometry to obtain the required flow distribution.

Among the new features and improvements is the ability to simulate wall slip effects which make the program even more accurate in PVC applications. From a process standpoint, this module has been used to investigate the effects of changing materials or to determine the maximum extrusion speed for process optimization.

The VEL™, Profile Die  module Features Summary:

  • Intuitive user-friendly graphical interface
  • DXF import for fast and easy geometry entering
  • Design and/or optimization of profile dies
  • Automatic meshing feature
  • Optimization Feature - Auto Flow Balancing Feature
  • Cross Flow Minimization Method™ 
  • Allows various flow balancing methods
  • Local mass throughput/area integration
  • Slip at the wall boundary condition
  • Fast and efficient solver
  • Precise results
  • Image/results saving capability
  • Output to AVI video format
  • Powerful post processing
  • HTML report
  • Applicable for simple to complex profiles in:
    • Medical applications
    • Window profile extrusion
    • Wooden profile extrusion
    • Sealing profiles in automotive industry
  • Simulation of profile cooling is available in our Cooling our VEL™, Cooling module