Frequently asked questions 


Who would be likely to require the VEL™?

The types of people and companies who could benefit from using the VEL™ are those that are looking to gain a better, and more quantitive, understanding of polymer extrusion. This would be people such as extrusion process engineers, die designers, screw designers, consultants and educators. Current users include many OEMs, (such as Davis Standard, Brampton Engineering, Macro, Black Clawson, Cloeren, Graham Engineering), Resin Companies (such as DuPont, Kodak, Dow, Eastman, Nova) and Processors (such as, Cryovac/Sealed Air, Pactiv, Saar Gummi, Vinylex, Krauss Maffei, Tetra Pak, Nordson Xaloy) - see some of our References.


How easy is it to learn the VEL™?

There are two aspects to learning the VEL™; the basic operation of the software (entering data and obtaining solutions) and interpreting the results.

Someone with a basic understanding of Windows® programs can be taught how to use most modules in a few hours. The most important part of the training is to make sure that our customers understand the material behavior during the flow and what is the impact of obtained results to the real process. 

Most users become comfortable with understanding the results and properly interpreting them after about 2 - 4 projects. 

Of course, experienced COMPUPLAST staff are always available to provide additional training and help users with questions.


What makes the COMPUPLAST® VEL™ different from other available products? 

The VEL™ has been developed by professional extrusion process engineers specifically for the plastics extrusion industry with the emphasis on efficient use of time. This is why the suite consists of several easy to use modules instead of one large complicated program. 

Furthermore, since most modules have a similar interface, learning additional modules is faster.

The modular approach also allows you to purchase just what you need keeping your costs low. Only the VEL™ is backed by the COMPUPLAST® team of experienced plastics process engineers who speak the language of extrusion industry and understand the needs of the extrusion companies.

Also, very important for us is spending time with customer to make sure that he understand all aspects of the program and the impact to his/her process.


What type of computer do I need to run the VEL™?

Most modules can be run on a standard PC configured for the 64bit Windows OS. The usage efficience (speed) of the 2D and 3D FEM modules can be improved with a more powerful computer but a system configured for CAD work should be acceptable for most projects.


Where to download VEL™?

The VEL™ for demo version is available here. Demo version does not contain any Solvers. This demo version allows you to view (post process) some pre-solved examples and experience the interface. 

For our customers the full version is available in Customer Support section.


Is VEL™ available for Mac OS or Linux?

We are sorry, but our  VEL™ runs only under Windows OS.


How do I register the software?

For step-by-step tutorial please  see our "How to..." page the Customer Support Section  (you need Customer's log in details). 


Is it possible to import my company logo into HTML result report and how can I do it?

Yes, you can have customized output from our modules - required set of results but also the company logo and name of the user. Please see our "How to..." page in Customer Support Section (you need Customer's log in details).


Is it possible to purchase time limited license or do I need to purchase perpetual?

Yes, COMPUPLAST offers 2 types of license: Annual and Perpetual. In case that customer finds the software effective and useful for his/her company and decides to upgrade within 6 month from the Annual license purchase to Perpetual license, COMPUPLAST® credits the full Annual license amount. This can be used as an evaluation tool for the customers who are not fully convinced to go to Perpetual license immediately. 


What is the Upgrade/Support and maintenance policy?

With license purchase you will receive 1 year of the Support and Maintenance Service. Customer is supported by his/her prefered way (email, on-line meeting, phone call etc.) for whole 12 month. Also, customer may download any new software (build or version) release issued in the period of Support and Maintenance Service. Continued maintenance, upgrades and support after the first year is 15 % of the perpetual license fee.


Why should I pay Support and Maintenance service fee?

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software such as the COMPUPLAST®, Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™ requires continual development in order to keep up with the tremendously rapid evolution of computer hardware and operating systems. Our customers continually demand better and better performance in speed, accuracy and functionality that takes advantage of the continually improving computer hardware and operating systems. The CAE software must keep up to these frequent changes in order to ensure that it continues to operate properly and efficiently. A large portion of the programming resources at COMPUPLAST® are used to simply keep up with changes made to the Operating System while we also try to incorporate better solvers and new features that improve accuracy and functionality. The annual MS&U fees help to offset the cost of this development and ensures that our customer’s will continue to be able to use, and reap the benefits of, our software when they choose (or need) to upgrade their systems. In summary, some of the main reasons for renewing the annual MS&U are:

  • Access to the latest version of the software.
  • Compatibility with latest Operating System.
  • Continued Software Support (problems with lost license files, hardware crashes...)
  • Process Simulation Support
  • Discounts on Consulting Services and Training Seminars
  • Practical advices and tips are provided and updated to customers
  • Support in case of hardware key damage



Can I use a single license on more than one computer?

Yes, you can install the VEL™ on any of your computers (eg. Desktop in the office and Laptop while travelling). You may use any installation for viewing results of the calculated projects. The Solvers will be available only on computer with connected USB hard lock - solving is possible only on one computer in the same time for the single license. 



Is the network license available for VEL™?

Yes, COMPUPLAST® offers to customers also network license. This allows to use the same module in the same time for more then 1 user. However, for biger (especially 3D) projects the network solution may be little slower.